Multiple trip options. During the school year, 5-day workshop for homeschoolers. 

Put allergy info in form when filling out. Doctors info, healthcare numbers, etc.

We'll all swap out being a model for each other. Knowing this, bring vibrant clothes (such as a bright jacket), or more trendy items such as unique hats.

Peer review - each night we'll look at what we shot and discuss the details of everyone's images.

About us: we're young adults between the ages of 25-30, so we'll keep it fun while still providing an abundantly safe trip and return home.

Drones: We'll fly them, and feel free to bring your own! The National Park Service is always banning and not banning their usage, so if we're not able to fly within the park, there's plenty of space in the surrounding area to get just as good footage!

Getting there (meet at airport). Suggested items to bring. There will be a girl's tent and a guy's tent. Beds will be provided (inflatable twin mattresses w bedding)

What to bring. 

  • Laptop
  • Extra batteries
  • Tripod
  • Intervelometer (Nikon users, check your camera as a lot of the new DSLRs have this feature built in)
  • Hat for sun protection + sunscreen
  • Water shoes
  • Hiking boots
  • Bathing suits for hot springs

What to expect (daily schedule)

We'll also venture through a ghost town-turned old movie set repurposed for a variety of Westerns in the 80's and 90's. for travel insurance for the kids.

Make form via Jot Forms like westside signups?

Make t-shirts - ask for t-shirt size in sign-up form. 

Not required. Send us what you believe to be the best photo you've ever shot. (add attachment) Would you let us use this as a before and after on our website when you return from our trip?

Bring skateboard for road shots (model)

Lots of reflectors - donation?

Ask companies like Patagonia if they'd offer products at cost

Bring cans of air to clean dust from gear

HydroFlask custom bottles - welcome pack when they arrive - t-shirt, bottle, sticker, etc


By signing this contract, you agree to the four "D's" of Tom Baker Expeditions:
• No Drugs
• No Drinking
• No Driving
• No Dating

Have both kid and parents sign / date



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    In the event that a serious accident or illness befalls your child, A Jesus Church will first make every effort to contact you at home or place of business to comply with your instructions. If you cannot be located, A Jesus Church is authorized to:1. Contact the family physician or alternative names listed above and follow their instructions.2. Transport the above child to a local hospital for treatment by emergency room physician on duty.3. The undersigned hereby authorized physician named to give consent for any procedure or hospital care deemed advisable by said doctor. In the event that the doctor is not available, A Jesus Church's leadership is authorized to give necessary consent for any treatment, care, diagnosis, and/or examination of the person named.I hereby release A Jesus Church, its' employees and agents from all liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, or loss which may be sustained by my child during the course of involvement with the Solid Rock Church.

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  • Cancelation Policy

    So that we can be sure to create space for as many students as possible on each trip, reservations must be cancelled no later than two weeks prior to trip in order to receive a refund by emailing Thanks!

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